About Us

Short Story

In 2013, What started as a training assignment created the path for the origins of MT Digital Labs to become a leading Cloud-based training and consulting services provider in India and around the world.

We are known for serving clients’ business needs for Big Data solutions and services with the best performance results.We have and will always be committed to delivering quality service, good business acumen & excellent consulting services throughout our journey.

Navaneetha Babu

Founder & CEO

Navaneeth has led teams on Digital Big Data Transformation from traditional Data stores and Data Warehouses to Hadoop and Cassandra Data Lake. Expert in setting up Enterprise Data ingestion layer using Kafka.

Henk Schouten

Co-Founder & CSO

HENK Schouten is very much Passionate About Business Transformation. Having been in IT for 3 decades has its advantages. Many groundbreaking ideas come and go – and they eventually become part of the rich history of the technology industry.